About Us

We strive to acquaint you with the best

CallsVU provide a network for the transit of the value added services (VAS) in the telecom industry. We deal in premium rate services across the globe. With direct tie-ups with the major worldwide operators we can offer our clients an extensive range of destinations at premium price with steady access. We show testament in our ability to both innovate and maintain strong ethical business relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. We provide our customers with a broad, complete and high-quality set of services while leveraging the benefits and efficiency that come with scale.

Why choose us?


Our vision is to be earth's most client driven organization and bring to the world a portfolio of quality telecom solutions that envision and satisfy people's requirements.


All around the world, the CallsVU employees work hard towards this vision by providing advice, information, and solutions that makes a positive difference for its clients. Six shared values underpin everything CallsVU’s professionals do:

  • We are inspired by a steadfast commitment to excellence, and strive to earn the lasting trust of our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations.
  • We want to increase the global reputation of Premium Rate Number Services as an important income stream and as an interaction tool between media and its recipients
  • We define ourselves as the link between telecom, media and financial services and continuously strive to achieve the best service and support.
  • We are committed to the continuous development of our people, and celebrate our individual and collective growth and achievements.
  • We have founded our firm on the basis of trust and respect of each other and have built it with an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by dynamic teamwork and collaboration.
  • We believe that integrity, dedication, and perspective are the keys to ensure our enduring prosperity and success.