You've got questions? We have answers!

1What are International Premium Rate Numbers?

Premium Rate Number is a usual telecom name for international voice numbers which are used from customers to charge their customers for certain various services. Most of the PRN customers charge their subscribers for TV, Radio, Newspaper and Online services across the world.

2Who can use IPRN?

International premium rate numbers can be used from Companies and Individuals. Many countries in the world mostly in Asia, the Middle East and Africa do not have domestic premium rate numbers and solutions that are useful for this type of activities. That is where international premium rate numbers are used. The way that they work is broadly the same. The end users calling the premium numbers are charged and CallsVU pay you commission.

3How can I start to use the service?

It is very easy. You just need to register with us. Then request the numbers you want from your account. You will receive your numbers very fast. Usually completed within 1-2 hours. In the majority of cases we have numbers ready and waiting in stock. Just contact us at and our team will contact you back or you can just ping us at our Skype id sales.callsvu

4Do I have to pay to sign-up for CallsVU services?

Sign-up for our services is for free, with no additional charges. We will pay you for every minute delivered to us but you will never have to pay us.

5How do I get paid?

CallsVU transfers the funds to its clients by Bank Wire. You need to provide your bank account by filling the payment request form from your account.

6When do I get paid?

The payment schedule depends from the premium rate numbers and their terms that you choose. The billing periods are daily, weekly or monthly. You will be paid after the billing period. It depends on the billing period of the premium numbers to which you have traffic generated and on the amount you have to be paid (as there is a minimum limit of 250 for both USD and EUR).

7What will happen if I can't reach the minimum limit?

There is no problem. CallsVU will add your amount to your next payment term so for example if you work on daily basis and you make $100 the first day they will be added to the amount of your next day traffic or until you reach $250. After that your payment will be made.

8Are rates negotiable?

Every client starts on a rate card rate, after we have established a relationship with you, or you have a proven record in this business, we are open to negotiations.

9The status of my payment is paid but I don't see it in my bank account?

The time needed to see your payment in your bank account depend on your bank location and capabilities. It could be between several hours after the status of your payment become and several days. If you don't see the payment reflected in your account for more than a week, you can contact our team for assistance.

10How can I send the traffic?

You can send traffic through voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows or any other type of company, internet access. Your traffic can be delivered to our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

11How many destinations can I call simultaneously?

You can call as much as possible destinations you want. There is no limit.As many as you want. We do not limit our customers to any maximum number of destinations or numbers. As long as you have traffic you can terminate it to as many numbers as you want.

12What does the PREFIX in front of every destination mean?

This is the country code of each Country Destination that we support plus the specific operator code after the country code. For example +43 208 means that the country is Austria and the operator code after the CC is 208.

13How can I find which destination work from my country and operator?

One way to do this is to call the test numbers. When you hear our voice message or see your call in ACTIVE CALLS this means that you are successfully connected. The other way to check which destinations have access from your country and operator is from the ACCESS page in your account

14Can I send traffic to one number from several other numbers at the same time?

Yes you can, but in some cases we may restrict numbers with a maximum simultaneous calls limit from one caller id, we may also have restrictions to maximum daily minutes per number to some of our destinations, as well as restrictions both minimum and maximum on call duration but usually they are sufficient for the day and if you are able to reach the limits, we can assign you further numbers to spread your traffic load.

15Can I send traffic from one caller id ?

Yes you can call from one number simultaneously many international premium rate numbers.

16Can I send traffic from multiple numbers?

Yes you can send traffic from multiple numbers to multiple premium rate numbers and destinations.

17Do you have access lists?

We can produce access information on request for clients whom we have established a history, but do not publish it.

18What must be the average duration of my calls?

We have automatic system which take care of the avg duration of your calls. The minimum duration is good to be at least 1 minute or more. You don't have to worry about maximum duration of your calls.

19Can I see my live calls of my traffic?

Yes you can see live calls statistics in the panel.

20Can I have live chat with CallsVU team?

Yes you can! Just ping us on Skype sales.callsvu or drop in a mail at or We will wait you to contact us. Do not hesitate to ask for anything we will be glad to answer all your questions!